The Super Dictionary

A repository for entries from the least helpful and most ridiculous dictionary in existence.

Are Batgirl and Penguin buddies? They seem to hang out a lot and they never seem like they’re really fighting. I mean, Ozzie’s offering to help Batgirl build a snowman.

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Oh, so it's a cash grab.
andthatsterrible andthatsterrible Said:

Anything comic book related that isn’t actually a comic usually is. And most comics for that matter.

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What is the point of the Superdictionary? It certainly doesn't seem to be to define words. I'm guessing it's also not to be funny either, that appears to be mostly on accident.
andthatsterrible andthatsterrible Said:

Stolen directly from the first page introduction:

"THE SUPER DICTIONARY [their caps, not mine] is a serious book about words written in a fascinating manner just for children. It combines trusted learning theory and America’s best known and loved comic characters. The irresistible quality of the colorful art, the story form of the definitions, and the special challenge [???] to the young learner make this dictionary a book of many uses over a wide age range. Pre-schoolers, beginning readers and advancing readers alike find THE SUPER DICTIONARY [their caps again] a joy to use. It is clearly organized and is a convenient and entertaining resource book unlike any other. Parents reading the book to children and having it read back to them know the pleasure of participating in a positive learning experience."

The intro then goes on for two more pages but I ain’t typing it out.

Atom: Prototype human centipede.

Hey folks, we’re gonna go ahead and take the day off today while I get some shit on track that needs to be on track (mostly unrelated to the blog).

I’ll be back tomorrow for more stupid garbage.

Rude. If you’re going to beat him up, beat him up, don’t mock him.

Well Bats, if you’re so concerned about his skin, why don’t you design him an outfit that doesn’t have him fighting crime in scaly green underwear?

You skated all the way to the north pole??? That’s impressive I guess, considering there’s a lot of not-ice stuff in your way.

Whoa there Evel Knievel, slow your roll, this is starting to get dangerous.

Oh what, now a little dust bothers you? You were hiding in fucking sandwiches earlier, don’t play like you hate getting dirty.