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I think the World’s Greatest Detective needs to teach his protege some deductive reasoning because it should not be that difficult to figure out what pulling on that thread does, Robin.

I guess if you’re going to have the sheer brass balls to break into a super hero’s house, Atom is definitely the way to go.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Disappointing. The entry could totally have been "Lex Luthor wants to be the President."
andthatsterrible andthatsterrible Said:

i don’t think that was a storyline until like, the 90s?

possibly originated in the cartoon, not sure. deffo happened in the dcau, major plot in justice league and stuff

though i did really like lex admitting that he literally only ran for president to piss off superman because being the prez was actually a step down in terms of power

Asker tyranamiros Asks:
Is there an entry for "President"?
andthatsterrible andthatsterrible Said:

nope, super dictionary don’t care about


who was president in 1978?


super dictionary don’t care ‘bout jimmy carter

Are you ordering that plane around like a dog? Do you think it can hear you?

… Can it?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Like you wouldn't wallpaper your cave if you had one.
andthatsterrible andthatsterrible Said:

i feel like the wallpaper wouldn’t stay up

eternal-sailor-dianamon said: I think they mean the Batcave. That makes more sense than wallpapering an actual cave.

the batcave is an actual cave



He wallpapered the CAVE?

Probably kicked some motherfuckers teeth in unless she’s caught in some kind of tiny time loop.

PS if you guys haven’t watched Gotham you… well. I’m torn between telling you to watch it because it’s so bad it’s hilarious, and telling you not to watch it because it’s so bad. 10 year old psychopath Bruce might be worth it though.

That Joker-mobile gets better every time I see it, jesus.

And nice skipping, Joker.