The Super Dictionary

A repository for entries from the least helpful and most ridiculous dictionary in existence.

Hey friends, taking a break today because I have to work and we’re done with the P’s so I have to scan more letters and I just do not have a lot of time.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more unrelenting idiocy

So okay, you might be thinking “Wow, that’s fucking horrible, but at the same time, maybe he’s just climbing the wall and it’s really poorly drawn?” But no. This is art from a comic issue in which the cover ALSO features Robin being hung.

And then there’s just this fucking benign dialogue about promises going on while Robin is dead and Batman looks horrified.

(the context to the original art and the comic issue is that somebody is going around leaving mannequins of Robin in positions where it looks like they’ve been murdered and they have to track down who’s doing it before he kills the real Robin, blah blah, it was a classic Silver Age comic where they came up with a dramatic cover and then figured out how to plot around it)

Am I the only one imagining Robin standing in a Walmart in full costume, staring in deep contemplation at the cookware and wondering if he should be in the gardening section instead?

Yo dude, you can fly. This is not a challenge for you. You don’t even need the diving board to dive from that high. What are you afraid of? That you’re gonna break your neck? You’re more likely to break the pool.

hey friends, tomorrow evening (maybe? possibly it will be the afternoon post) i will be posting one of my absolute favorite super dictionary entries. it is my favorite because it is 100% nonsensical and quite possibly the worst art they could have ever used for ANYTHING. however, part of the humor comes from the fact that the are completely ignoring a really bad situation and instead are benignly discussing something else, and it could be pretty triggering.

it will be appropriately tagged but you know, thought i’d warn ahead

How do you write an entry about pumpkins and not say a single thing about jack o’lanterns? That is by far what pumpkins are most used for, much more so than eating.

As to why Joker stuffed a fucking pumpkin on his head in the first place, I have no clue and I bet the Super Dictionary writers didn’t either.

Why, Supergirl? Why did you do this?

It’s a good thing there’s no art for this because you know it would be one of those children’s puzzles that has like 20 pieces but the text would still say “She thought it was hard to do.”

I guess this is why Riddler’s trophies for Catwoman in Arkham City are all just “get to this location” rather than actual puzzles to solve. He knows she sucks at them and doesn’t want to get his face clawed off.


You know what? No.

No, absolutely not.

I’m not dealing with this artwork today.

Selina Kyle, confirmed furry.